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Gaia is an action / fantasy film that has our heroine fighting a major sex trafficking ringleader, the same one that once enslaved her, in order to save and reunite with her daughter, taken from her at birth when Gaia was just a teenager.

The story brings forward a dark underworld that lives right under our nose in our world today and that is often all too ignored.  With the tone of works like Jessica Jones, 24 and Wonder Woman, the project embraces Greek mythology and spiritism to set a magical and supernatural climate throughout, and supports the idea that the planet, Mother Earth,

is protecting our Gaia and empowering her to fight the good fight.

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About the writer: From an award-winning television and film editor and owner of the North Hollywood CineFest film festival in

Los Angeles, this is Gustavo Sampaio’s first feature film. Eyeing a shift in his career to directing and producing features, Gustavo blends his favorite genres in a diverse cast of characters into a story rooted in spiritualism and illustrated with Greek mythology.

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Cast: The character of Gaia is ethnically ambiguous, representing women from any part of the world, whose extraordinary strength comes from her mind and heart.

Wish List:

Protagonist: Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man & The Wasp, Ready Player One)

Antagonist: Benicio del Toro (Sicario, The Guardians of the Galaxy)

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